P319 transducer 9 pin

The Lowest Price for Boat P319 transducer 9 pin , Installation flush with hull. It works up to about 350 * mt of depth, equipped with a temperature sensor and 12 meters of cable. Compatible with Lowrance / Simrad / BG instruments with a 9-pin Xsonic connector like Elite-ti, GO, NSSEVO3. It can be connected to instruments with 7-pin Sonar connector blue for Hook, Elite HDI / Chirp, HDSGEN1-2-3, GEN2 Touch, Hds Carbon, NSSEVO, Vulcan via adapter 5605251. You can extend the cable by another 3 meters using the extension cable 5605249. DOES NOT ALLOW THE USE OF STRUCTURESCAN, SIDESCAN on instruments with a single transducer. (* purely indicative value may vary depending on the installation and marine conditions) . P319 transducer 9 pin, Navico,  2-B-5605265

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P319 transducer 9 pin

  • Brand: Navico
  • Product Code: 2-B-5605265
  • Availability: Delivery in 15 Working days

  • Technical data
  • 241.67€
  • Vat Inc.

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