optima blu battery 12v. 66 amp

Shop Online Boat optima blu battery 12v. 66 amp with Reduced Price at ForBoat.eu, Marine optima blu battery 12v. 66 amp. optima blu battery 12v. 66 amp for Boats. optima blu battery 12v. 66 amp for Sailboats. optima blu battery 12v. 66 amp for Boat. optima blu battery 12v. 66 amp for Sailboat. Dual purpose starter and services batteryThanks to SpiralCell Technology®, OPTIMA® combines the advantages of a starter battery to a services batteryperformance. In addition to supply power for longer, the battery OPTIMA® is also able to withstand a higher numberof deep discharges and recharges faster than other technologies. So you can count on a reliable and longestrunning of your accessories for many years. This makes OPTIMA® the best investment. The low self-discharge rateis OPTIMA® batteries the ideal choice for vehicles of seasonal use. In periods of stationing the batteries OPTIMA®retain a significantly higher amount of power than conventional batteries (the battery still has to be fully chargedbefore a period of stationing). The internal components made of pure lead to 99.99% allow OPTIMA® batteriesof withstanding a significantly higher number of cycles of charge and discharge and to continue to provide ahigh percentage of the total capacity. OPTIMA® batteries are ideal for vehicles with multiple accessories electricsystems that remain on even when the engine is off..  Do You need more information about Boat optima blu battery 12v. 66 amp ? :  Click on "Technical data" button to see the complete technical details..

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optima blu battery 12v. 66 amp

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  • Brand: Optima Marine Battery
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