Astron Boots 37/38

Shop Online Boat Astron Boots 37/38 with Reduced Price at ForBoat.eu, Marine Astron Boots 37/38. Astron Boots 37/38 for Boats. Astron Boots 37/38 for Sailboats. Astron Boots 37/38 for Boat. Astron Boots 37/38 for Sailboat. Astron Bleu boots with confortable and soft detachable fleeced lining. Non-slip sole and upper molded togehter for a perfect watertightness. For pleasure, professional and garaging use in any season and any latitude..  Do You need more information about Boat Astron Boots 37/38 ? :  Click on "Technical data" button to see the complete technical details..

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Astron Boots 37/38

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  • Brand: Tri
  • Product Code: 1-A-3019037
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  • Technical data
  • 103.60€
  • 62.16€
  • Vat Inc.

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