Battery Optima Blue 75 Ah

Best Price Online for Boat Battery Optima Blue 75 Ah , Dual purpose starter and services batteryThanks to SpiralCell Technology®, OPTIMA® combines the advantages of a starter battery to a services batteryperformance. In addition to supply power for longer, the battery OPTIMA® is also able to withstand a higher numberof deep discharges and recharges faster than other technologies. So you can count on a reliable and longestrunning of your accessories for many years. This makes OPTIMA® the best investment. The low self-discharge rateis OPTIMA® batteries the ideal choice for vehicles of seasonal use. In periods of stationing the batteries OPTIMA®retain a significantly higher amount of power than conventional batteries (the battery still has to be fully chargedbefore a period of stationing). The internal components made of pure lead to 99.99% allow OPTIMA® batteriesof withstanding a significantly higher number of cycles of charge and discharge and to continue to provide ahigh percentage of the total capacity. OPTIMA® batteries are ideal for vehicles with multiple accessories electricsystems that remain on even when the engine is off.. 

Battery Optima Blue 75 Ah, Optima Marine Battery,  2-B-3980875

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Battery Optima Blue 75 Ah

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